Clinerience's story

Our history

CLINERIENCE is the story of a team of biologists and technicians passionate about the delicate hair mechanics and who since 1974 have studied the delicate capillary mechanisms in order to develop and propose unique solutions of capillary diagnosis and natural and innovative treatments in respect of hair and the scalp.

Our engagements

- Proven efficacy and tests under medical control of our hair treatments,
- Safety tests for eye and skin irritations, safety assessments carried out by an independent toxicologist,
- Quality formulas based on components of organic and natural origin guarantee visible and lasting results on all types of hair.

The laboratory

Since 1974, our teams of chemists and biologists have traveled around the world to identify in nature the best components of natural and organic origin to ensure optimum efficiency in all deep treatments of hair and scalp. Efficacy tests performed under medical supervision enable users of our range of hair treatments to obtain real, visible and lasting results.

The Institutes

- An international network of specialized institutes at your service
- More than 50 institutes in 11 countries
- Visiting one of our specialized institutes and meet one of our experts is a unique experience. The diagnosis and the protocols of care and hair treatments customized to you are based on the know-how and the specific expertise of our hair therapists.
- So do not wait, contact one of our specialized institutes and entrust your hair to one of our experts.

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